Our Story

 Maylillies is about our family, our journey, our dreams which we live with each other and the time which we spend together. Maylillies originated as a simple idea and the word is a reflection of what it wants to accomplish.

Journey of Maylillies started from a moment of truth. As a regular ritual my mother used to oil my son’s hair with coconut oil- with her tender hands she used to massage and narrate stories of how beneficial these oils are for skin and scalp and she was 100% right because I have grownup seeing my grandpa & ma doing this on a daily basis. Every day after bath they used to rub their face, body and specially forehead with oil. My grandpa’s forehead used to emanate an aura of no less than buddha. They survived till the age of 90 and even before both of them passed away their skin used to shine as if they were 25 years younger. Even at that age their skin was hydrated and wrinkle free, bones as strong as can be and far better than a 40-year-old.
At this point we conceived the idea of why not craft something which symbolizes blend of purity, simplicity and love.

You will be amazed to know that when we coined the brand name Maylillies, it was a perfect match of our intention and what the word signifies. Lilles is a symbol of purity, chastity, femininity and love and may is about- me and you and how we can blossom together with maylillies. 

Lilles is a symbol of purity, chastity, femininity and love and may is about- me and you and how we can blossom together with maylillies. We as a family started on a journey to explore what’s available in the market and how products which are more and more organic and plant based can be curated. The endeavor was to ensure that the ingredients are close to nature and here began the research on what’s suits the skin the best – be it a shampoo, cream or oil- whatever product our skin gets exposed to.

The decision was not so simple, it was about resilience and being decisive. There was a consensus to follow this as a skin ritual early on when it’s about our first touch- touch of my mother and what she applies to me should be as pure as her heart. We started with baby care segment where it is all the more imperative that no chemicals should be applied and whatever is used should be toxin free. Many formulations were tried for each category and tested multiple times to ensure it provides the best feel, nourishment, hydration and enriches the skin.


The choice we make for our young ones and rituals which we make them used to has to be very carefully assessed because it’s about their life and habits – it’s a life which we have created and how can we be careless about it. All decisions we take have to be informed, rational than emotional. Here is where we bring Maylillies brand based on in-depth research to curate products that make you feel very close to your loved ones, are toxin free, abide by international standards and are just amazing.