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Almond & Calendula Hair/Body Oil, 200ml

Almond & Calendula Hair/Body Oil, 200ml

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Active Ingredients

• Almond - Is rich in Vitamin E and its anti -inflammatory properties helps to prevent your kid from Cradle Cap and ensures good sleep

• Sesame - Is a rich sources of Omega Fatty acids, provides hydration & nourishment to both body & hair, & significantly improves the texture

• Jojoba – With its anti-inflammatory properties, & richness of Vitamin E makes skin smooth & tender by providing perfect moisturization & 0% pre clogging. Promotes skin health and hair growth

• Calendula -Natural oil extracted from Marigold flower has proven medically to provide anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties that helps to protect your babies from skin rashes, infections and dryness

• Coconut - Natural moisturizer that nourishes your skin and gives freshness that no other lotion and oil can provide

Suitable For

• Suitable for all skin types
• Children from 0-10 years, however, can be
applied and used by all age groups with great effects

Make your baby massage more gentle and allow your baby to enjoy the feel of freshness, relaxation with Maylillies nourishing plant based 2 in 1 baby Massage & Hair Oil, developed with natural plant based ingredients Almond, Sesame, Jojoba, Calendula, Coconut to ensure the safety & strength of nature for your tiny ones.

Why delay in giving your sweet heart the strength of nature, strong bones and a healthy body to face this world with 0% COMPROMISE ON QUALITY 100% HYGIENE, LOVE & CARE.


  • Intense Hydration and it’s Hypoallergenic
  • Deep nourishment to the skin and scalp

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Purely concocted non-greasy massage and hair oil with “Nani Dadi nuskhe” for a daily skin ritual to rejuvenate your baby’s delicate skin and gives pot full of energy with thorough gentle and fresh feeling.

Get your “Aha” moment with the Almond oil and pamper yourself on a daily basis.

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1. Shall I use this 2 in 1 baby oil on daily basis?
- Yes it can be used daily even twice a day.
2. Is this oil safe for babies with dryness & Eczema?
- It is specifically curated for dryness and mild skin eczema.
3. What is the ideal time to apply this oil?
- After Bath & Before Bed time
4. For how much time I can give massage with this baby oil?
- As much time as you want to spend with your baby
5. Is this 2 in 1 baby oil safe for sensitive skin?
- Suitable for skin types, however, patch test is recommended
6. Shall I use oil for a newborn baby?
- Yes it’s perfect for a newborn
7. Shall I use this Maylillies baby oil for all seasons?
- This can be used throughout the year
8. Maylillies baby oil is paraben free?
- Yes, Oil from Maylillies is 100% natural & free from chemicals

Directions For Use

• Flip the top to pour our Oil on your hands
• Rub both hands to warm the Oil
• Use daily to help protect your baby’s skin and scalp from dryness & retain moisture especially after bathing
• Gently massage oil all over baby’s body & with your fingertips on the scalp in a circular motion

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Priya sharma
Body nd hair oil

Good oil best for baby like it❤️

Neeru sood
Baby massage hair & body oil

Such nice fragrance I loved this product More than showed major change in my daughter's hair. Only after using this oil twice.would recommend this oil.👍👍

Best products

Awesome baby oil.. Totally skin friendly

Kaval Afsheen
Great quality non sticky

Great Quality
Delivered quickly , Love to Maylillies
Smell is great
Really soft n gives deep nourishment
Ingredients is good
Non sticky
Love it

Nitin Jain
Great Quality

Delivered quickly , gives deep nourishment , the quality is amazing , can feel the change in the hair - more stronger and shiny than every before. All of us in the family use the oil for both hair and skin. Love to Maylillies