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Children Essential Kit (Pack of 3)

Children Essential Kit (Pack of 3)

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Active Ingredients

• Natural Extracts of Oats - Rich anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Oats with ample proteins & vitamin E protects your baby skin from dryness and keeps the moisture intact

• Milk Protein - Forms a film and acts as a protection layer to retain the moisture on skin & hair without getting evaporated, thus, adding freshness and radiance to your baby skin and hair

• Almond - Is rich in Vitamin E and its anti -inflammatory properties helps to prevent your kid from Cradle Cap and ensures good sleep

• Sesame - Is a rich sources of Omega Fatty acids, provides hydration & nourishment to both body & hair, & significantly improves the texture

• Shea Butter – Contains anti-oxidant vitamins A, E, F that promotes cell growth. Rich sources of vitamins, fatty acids helps in retaining moisture and ensures natural glowing skin.

• Aloe Vera - Consists of Vitamin A, C, E which have rich anti-oxidant properties to fight free radicals and acts as a protection layer for skin. Aloe Vera is an affluent sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes. High level of water aids in radiant glow of the skin

Suitable For

• Suitable for all skin types
• Children from 0-10 years, however, can be applied by all age groups for extra soft skin

India's First & Only Plant Based Baby Skin Care Kit which is 100% Safe | Natural | Nourishing & Vegan 

Baby Essential kit comes with the set of products to offer hair to toe protection to your babies.

1) Almond & Calendula Hair/Body Oil, 200ml

2) Vitamin E & Oats Body Wash/Shampoo, 200ml

3) Shea Butter & Vitamin E Face/Body Moisturizing Cream, 100g


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Don’t just tell your children about the world, let them experience a lifetime of happiness with maylillies.

In the wild breath of nature feel the hush of presence with maylillies!!

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Baby Oil:
1. Shall I use this 2 in 1 baby oil on daily basis?
- Yes it can be used daily even twice a day.
2. Is this oil safe for babies with dryness & Eczema?
- It is specifically curated for dryness and mild skin eczema.
3. What is the ideal time to apply this oil?
- After Bath & Before Bed time
4. For how much time I can give massage with this baby oil?
- As much time as you want to spend with your baby
5. Is this 2 in 1 baby oil safe for sensitive skin?
- Suitable for skin types, however, patch test is recommended
6. Shall I use oil for a newborn baby?
- Yes it’s perfect for a newborn
7. Shall I use this Maylillies baby oil for all seasons?
- This can be used throughout the year
8. Maylillies baby oil is paraben free?
- Yes, Oil from Maylillies is 100% natural & free from chemicals

Baby Cream:
1. Can I apply this cream on my new born?
- Yes it’s perfect for a newborn
2. How often can I apply this moisturizing cream?
- It can be used daily after bathing and at night before bedtime
3. Shall I apply this protein rich moisturizing cream on face also?
- Yes it can be applied on face
4. Is this cream helpful in summers too?
- Yes it’s helpful throughout the year
5. Can adults/teenagers use this face & body cream ?
- Both adults/teenagers can use the cream for an extra soft skin
6. What are the side effects of this cream ?
- Maylillies cream is 100% Natural and safe to use thus has no side effects
7. Is Maylillies protein rich cream is made from natural ingredients?
- Yes, Maylillies products are 100% Natural, Vegan and Chemical free
8. Can it be used on sensitive skin ?
- Suitable for all skin types, however, patch test is recommended

Baby Bath:
1. Shall I use this 2 in 1 baby wash & shampoo on daily basis ?
- Yes it can be used daily
2. Is Maylillies 2 in 1 body wash & shampoo safe for sensitive skin babies?
- Suitable for all skin types, however, patch test is recommended
4. Shall I use this baby wash & shampoo in winters too?
- This can be used throughout the year
5. Is this baby wash & shampoo product safe for Infants?
- Yes it’s perfect for a newborn
6. Is Maylillies body wash & shampoo is chemical free?
- Yes, Maylillies products are 100% Natural, Vegan and Chemical free

Directions For Use

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Richa Jain

Amazing products for babies

Kamini Patwal
Children kit

Yes I loved the shampoo and oil as it's not oily ,clumsy and easy to apply in toddlers hairs but I am little bit happy with the moisturizer as every time I open its cap due to its liquid texture of cream it feel down while opening and looks more like liquid form I think it should be in little bit creamy for which don't feel out of box like liquid and in winter where every think became little bit thik its very much liquidy form

Anuradha Desai
Real Review

I product is very mild and has a mix of floral and fruity kind of sent. It's definitely a good product for the kids and new borns. It's Mom certificated which is equal to WHO certification. What else is required?....would suggest my friends and colleagues to try the product.

Faiza Atique
Nice product 👍

Products are amazing...loved it 😍

Nidhi Rai
Nice 👍🙂

It is very nice product and safe for babies.. we can trust on it..