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Aloe Vera & Shea Butter Face/Body Moisturizing Cream,100g (Pack of 2)

Aloe Vera & Shea Butter Face/Body Moisturizing Cream,100g (Pack of 2)

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Active Ingredients

• Shea Butter – Contains anti-oxidant vitamins A, E, F that promotes cell growth. Rich sources of vitamins, fatty acids helps in retaining moisture and ensures natural glowing skin.

• Aloe Vera - Consists of Vitamin A,C,E which have rich anti-oxidant properties to fight free radicals and acts as a protection layer for skin. Aloe Vera is an affluent sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes. High level of water aids in radiant glow of the skin

• Milk Protein - Forms a film and acts as a protection layer to retain moisture on skin, adding freshness and radiance to your baby skin

• Vitamin E - Anti oxidant properties of Vitamin E improves the blood circulation, reduces the oxidative stress that further supports in retaining moisture & gets rid of dryness

Suitable For

• Suitable for all skin types
• Children from 0-10 years, however, can be applied by adults of all ages to feel the extra softness

Motherhood is like a banyan tree, keeping the saplings under it cool. In a similar way, for a mother the only priority is to keep it’s young ones bubbly, fresh, rejuvenated and they should always look like rock stars.

Get rid of all the harshness, dryness of skin. Make it extra soft with naturally soothing protein rich baby face & body moisturizing cream loaded affluently with nutrients of Milk proteins, Aloe Vera,  Shea Butter, Green apple & Strawberry.

After a morning treat with bubble bath and oil, momma gives a dose of Maylillies Protein Rich Baby Face & Body Moisturizing Cream all over my face and body for a Calming Radiant glow to the skin with suppleness of Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Milk Protein & Aloe Vera.


  • PH balanced and hypoallergenic
  • Vitamin E for supple and fresh skin

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Don’t just tell your children about the world, let them experience a lifetime of happiness with maylillies.

In the wild breath of nature feel the hush of presence with maylillies!!

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1. Can I apply this cream on my new born?
- Yes it’s perfect for a newborn
2. How often can I apply this moisturizing cream?
- It can be used daily after bathing and at night before bedtime
3. Shall I apply this protein rich moisturizing cream on face also?
- Yes it can be applied on face
4. Is this cream helpful in summers too?
- Yes it’s helpful throughout the year
5. Can adults/teenagers use this face & body cream ?
- Both adults/teenagers can use the cream for an extra soft skin
6. What are the side effects of this cream ?
- Maylillies cream is 100% Natural and safe to use thus has no side effects
7. Is Maylillies protein rich cream is made from natural ingredients?
- Yes, Maylillies products are 100% Natural, Vegan and Chemical free
8. Can it be used on sensitive skin ?
- Suitable for all skin types, however, patch test is recommended

Directions For Use

1. Open the lid to take our Cream out on your palm
2. Apply it over the Face & Body
3. Rub it gently all over
4. Tightly close the lid and feel the softness

Customer Reviews

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Calming and Natural

The quality is very good of the products. Love the natural Glow it gives after applying

Just Wow

The products are amazing and soft to use