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Mom and Children Kit (Pack of 3)

Mom and Children Kit (Pack of 3)

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Active Ingredients

• Natural Extracts of Oats - Rich anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Oats with ample proteins & vitamin E protects your baby skin from dryness and keeps the moisture intact

• Milk Protein - Forms a film and acts as a protection layer to retain the moisture on skin & hair without getting evaporated, thus, adding freshness and radiance to your baby skin and hair

• Almond - Is rich in Vitamin E and its anti -inflammatory properties helps to prevent your kid from Cradle Cap and ensures good sleep

• Sesame - Is a rich sources of Omega Fatty acids, provides hydration & nourishment to both body & hair, & significantly improves the texture

• Shea Butter – Contains anti-oxidant vitamins A, E, F that promotes cell growth. Rich sources of vitamins, fatty acids helps in retaining moisture and ensures natural glowing skin.

• Aloe Vera - Consists of Vitamin A, C, E which have rich anti-oxidant properties to fight free radicals and acts as a protection layer for skin. Aloe Vera is an affluent sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes. High level of water aids in radiant glow of the skin

Suitable For

• Suitable for all skin types
• Children from 0-10 years, however, can be applied by all age groups for extra soft skin

Vitamin C 10% + Kojic Acid Unisex Face Serum - 30ml

Suited For

  1. Normal
  2. Dry/Acne Prone
  3. Combination
  4. Sensitive



  1. Skin Ageing
  2. Acne Scars
  3. Hyperpigmentation
  4. Dry & Dull Skin


Active Ingredients 

  1. Vitamin C: Hydrates skin and fades dark spots.
  2. Hyaluronic Acid: Retains moisture & smoothes texture.
  3. Kojic Acid: Lightens scars & treats pigmentation.
  4. Coconut: Support Healing & improves skin elasticity.


    India's First & Only Plant Based Baby Skin Care Kit

    100% Safe | Natural | Nourishing & Vegan 

    Suited For

    1. Normal
    2. Oily
    3. Sensitive
    4. Dry/Flaky


    1. Non-sticky formulation
    2. Improves Blood circulation
    3. Maintains moisture & Hydration in the skin
    4. Deep nourishment to the skin and scalp
    5. No dryness and frizz

    Products In the Baby Kit 

    1. Almond & Calendula Hair/Body Oil, 200ml
    2. Vitamin E & Oats Body Wash/Shampoo, 200ml



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    Don’t just tell your children about the world, let them experience a lifetime of happiness with maylillies.

    In the wild breath of nature feel the hush of presence with maylillies!!

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    Baby Oil:
    1. Shall I use this 2 in 1 baby oil on daily basis?
    - Yes it can be used daily even twice a day.
    2. Is this oil safe for babies with dryness & Eczema?
    - It is specifically curated for dryness and mild skin eczema.
    3. What is the ideal time to apply this oil?
    - After Bath & Before Bed time
    4. For how much time I can give massage with this baby oil?
    - As much time as you want to spend with your baby
    5. Is this 2 in 1 baby oil safe for sensitive skin?
    - Suitable for skin types, however, patch test is recommended
    6. Shall I use oil for a newborn baby?
    - Yes it’s perfect for a newborn
    7. Shall I use this Maylillies baby oil for all seasons?
    - This can be used throughout the year
    8. Maylillies baby oil is paraben free?
    - Yes, Oil from Maylillies is 100% natural & free from chemicals

    Face Serum:
    1. Can I apply this cream on my new born?
    - Yes it’s perfect for a newborn
    2. How often can I apply the Face Serum?
    - It can be used daily AM & PM
    3. Who all can use the serum ?
    - 13+ years
    4. Can it be used on sensitive skin ?
    - Clinically tested for sensitive skin, however, patch test is recommended

    Baby Bath:
    1. Can I use this 2 in 1 baby wash/shampoo on daily basis ?
    - Yes it can be used daily
    2. Is Maylillies 2 in 1 body wash & shampoo safe for sensitive skin babies?
    - Suitable for all skin types, however, patch test is recommended
    4. Shall I use this baby wash & shampoo in winters too?
    - This can be used throughout the year
    5. Is this baby wash & shampoo product safe for Infants?
    - Yes it’s perfect for a newborn
    6. Is Maylillies body wash & shampoo is chemical free?
    - Yes, Maylillies products are 100% Natural, Vegan and Chemical free

    Directions For Use

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